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Some of the illustrated articles are downloadable in Adobe Acrobat format (.PDF), as well as being available as a regular web page. This will enable you to view, print and save the article in an acceptable layout. In order to read and print these files, you must have an Adobe Acrobat Reader. The Reader software can be downloaded free through the link below if you do not already have it installed on your computer.


New Articles

Double Trouble - The Twin Dilemma (Appaloosa Journal, May 2005)
Putting Together an Inra (French) AV (THE WAY)
(April 30th, 2005)
I gave my mare Prostaglandin, but it didin't work! (aka why Prostaglandin use may not result in Estrus in Mares) (April 7th, 2005)
I gave my mare Progesterone (or Regumate), but it didin't work! ( aka why Progestin use may not result in Estrus in mares) (April 7th, 2005)

Stallion Articles

THE Artificial Vagina (May 30th, 1999)
Cryptorchidism in The Stallion (September 13th, 2000)
Frozen Semen preparation and use - part 1 (Canadian Morgan Magazine, Nov. 2000)
Frozen Semen preparation and use - part 2 (Canadian Morgan Magazine, Jan. 2001)
Getting Set Up for Semen Collection and Transport
("Horse Sport Magazine" February 2001)
Thawing and preparing Frozen Semen for Insemination
(Paso Fino Horse World, January 2001)

Mare Articles

IS My Mare Overdue? (April 6th, 2003)
"SILENT" Heat in The Mare (August 28th, 1999)
Inducing Early Estrus in The Mare (CSHA Newsletter, 1996)
What Time of Year is best to Breed my Mare? (Atlantic Horse & Pony, 1996)
Successful Breeding takes more than chance (Atlantic Horse & Pony, 1992)
Uterine Swabs, Cytology and Cultures (CSHA Newsletter / Atlantic Horse & Pony, 1996)
Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome - an Overview
(May 12th, 2001; Updated May 3rd, 2002)
Hormons of The Mare's Estrous Cycle
( seminar notes, October, 2001)

General Articles

Genetic Roulette - Chance or Choice? by: Kathy Mann-St.Martin (November 1st, 2002 first published in Hunter & Sporthorse Magazine, January/February 1997)
Breeding Myth-Information (June 13th, 2002)
The Ethics of Breeding (Atlantic Horse & Pony, 1990)
Frozen Semen - The Why's Wherefore's Pro's and Con's (Oral presentation at the ApHC 2001 World Show, Fort Worth, Texas, USA)

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