New state-of-the-art 80 x 250 indoor arena is situated on a custom built hill overlooking our lush pasture land offering a breathtaking view for our clients while schooling. Solid steel in construction with an architecturally designed high cathedral ceiling featuring large windows make our arena bright, airy and an amazing relaxing atmosphere to ride in year round.

Professionally designed and installed our exclusive footing is dust free and shock absorbent giving both horse and rider a stress free impact resistant service to train on. The entire arena is lined with tounge and grove pine kickboards which offer excellent support while training.


  • Fully insulated to help retain heat in the winter and keep cool in the summer.
  • Modern efficient lighting system.
  • Large 8 foot high windows line the sides and allow a lot of natural light into our arena making it bright even on overcast days. This gives riders the feeling of being outside. The end wall facing our pasture land features unique custom built windows extending from the kick boards up to the cathedral ceiling.
  • 5 foot high custom built solid pine tongue & grove kickboards.
  • Professionally engineered, designed and installed dust free low impact well maintained footing.
  • Attached to main stables.


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