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Calculate an approximate due date

Enter last breeding date
in format mm/dd/yyyy:

Desired gestation duration:

Estimated foaling date:

Number of days mare in foal calculator

Enter last date mare was bred:

Enter today's date:

Estimate of days mare has been in foal


Pregnancy vaccination schedule calculator

Last breeding date:

Estimated date of ultrasound,
palpation or vaccination
#1 ultrasound
at 2 weeks
#1 palpation
at 4 weeks
#1 equine rhinopneumonitis
(optional) at 3 mo./12 weeks
#2 equine rhinopneumonitis
at 5 mo./20 weeks
#3 equine rhinopneumonitis
at 7 mo./28 weeks
#4 equine rhinopneumonitis
at 9 mo./36 weeks
All vaccines at 11 mo./44 wks
equine rhinopneumonitis (recommended)
Due date, based on
343 days or 49 weeks


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