The heart of our farm, our outstanding mares, hold the key to our breeding program representing the highest breeding quality of the KWPN. It has always been our belief that the mares influence on her progeny is far greater than that of the stallion you select. An exceptional mare goes a long way to produce an extraordinary foal therefore, an excellent mare pool using only the best marelines is the most important facet and keystone of our breeding program.

For this reason, each of our mares have been fully vetted and carefully selected for the essential role they will contribute to our breeding goals. Temperament is without question our first consideration in conjunction with a winning performance record, athletic ability and strong proven pedigree with the bloodlines to contribute to the next generation. Our cherished mares offer some of the most sought after and successful KWPN bloodlines available today.

It is our goal to produce top athletes suited for both amateur and professional riders capable of competing at the highest levels of sport by combining the highest quality mares with outstanding pedigrees and using the best stallions in the world! Each year we are pleased to offer our foals for sale and enjoy working with our customers to facilitate a pleasurable and trouble-free experience. Our bloodlines are so special that quite often customers request to purchase in-utero or create a unique custom foal.

Our mares and their ancestors have been awarded predicates indicative of their high quality progeny and sport achievement such as; Elite, Keur, Ster, Sport, Preferent and Prestatie! In addition, we are also proactive in preventing the genetic components of soundness, testing our broodmares for hereditary tendencies regarding OCD and WFFS

Aquila K

Indoctro – Lord Calando – Voltaire

Beyond P

Olympic Ahorn – Olympic Ferro – Double Leader xx/p>

Echinidee DN

Chin Chin – Contender – Landgraf I

Empress Chin P

Chin Chin – Emilion – Larome

Godiva P

Uphill – Houston – G. Ramiro Z

Hollanda P

Voltaire – Ahorn – Lord Calando

Jabablahoma P

Nabab de Reve – Guidam – G. Ramiro Z

Lumenette P

Totilas – Houston – G. Ramiro Z

Muse du Chidee P

Diamant de Semilly – Chin Chin – Contender

Odette N

Houston – G. Ramiro Z – Marco Polo


Emilion – Larome – G. Ramiro Z


Olympic Ahorn – Lord Calando – Ahorn Z

Zabina P

Cabochon – Flemmingh – Nimmerdor

Volette TH

Pacific – Jimtown – Nimmerdor Holst Stam 474a