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Name: Godiva P
Bloodlines: Uphill – Houston – G. Ramiro Z
Height: 16.3 h / 1.70 cm
Colour: Dark Bay
Markings: Large Star and two socks
Year of Birth: 2011
KWPN Predicate: Elite, IBOP (Dressage), PROK
Genetic Testing Predicate: D-OC, WFFS N/N

Breeding Plans:
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One of the very first Uphill foals to arrive in Canada, Godiva P is the complete package with her gorgeous extraordinary exterior and rich pedigree. A very modern type with a lot of blood, Godiva is simply beautiful with tons of charisma and outstanding expressive gaits!

Godiva was awarded the KWPN predicate Ster at her keuring as a 3-year old. In 2016, with a successful Dressage IBOP test, Godiva became Keur. After passing the KWPN PROK exam in 2017, Godiva achieved the honor of being a Elite mare with the KWPN!


Godiva P Uphill Oscar Wolfgang
Ster Preferent Presstatie
Naomi Ceroon
Ster Preferent
Apollonios xx
Odette N
G. Ramiro Z

Lineage Sire:

Uphill was the most used dressage stallion in the Netherlands in 2010 his popularity is rising with the huge success and winning ways of his talented winning offspring!

A stallion with a correct exterior Uphill has allot of presence and three good gaits with a rideable easy character. Uphill placee 4th in his approvals in 2004, with scores of walk 8.5, trot 8, canter 7.5 and dressage potential 8. In the report from the 70 day test in 2004, Uphill is described as a very energetic and trustworthy stallion who is very willing to work, and allows himself to be worked. The walk is pure and has good scope. The trot has good scope, good impulsion and this stallion shows more than sufficient suppleness and self-carriage. The canter is big and has more than sufficient impulsion. The stallion shows more than sufficient balance. Uphill has more than sufficient talent for dressage and gives his rider a more than sufficient to good feeling.

Uphill’s career consists of many highlights such as: Dutch Reserve-Champion for the 4 year old dressage horses, finalist at the World Championships in Verden 2006, 3rd in the final of the PAVO cup in 2006, 3rd at the Dutch Championships in 2007, 1st place final Indoor Veendam, Dutch Champion of the ZZ-licht level in 2008 and in 2009 Uphill was the Dutch Champion at ZZ-Zwaar level and he won the Light Tour in Geldrop and the Prix St. George in Emmeloord with Emmelie Scholtens.

Uphill’s sire line guarantees movement and sport with allot of blood utilizing the very desirable thoroughbreds: Appolonius xx, Cartoonist xx, Uppercut xx and Courville xx. His father Oscar has completed successfully in the Light Tour Dressage in 2009!
Sire Oscar presented an eye-catching collection of foals and from his first crop two of his sons have been invited to take the 70 day grading test. In 2010, an Oscar son was champion of the stallion selections. Oscar himself, just like his half brother Kimberley, both are descendants from the famous Rania-stam.

From the dam line of Uphill descends many sport horses and many Ster and Keur mares. His full sister Whistly was Dutch Champion of the Keur and Elite mares and his full sister Ballerina Ceroon received 85.5 points for her IBOP and placed 5th in the final of the Dutch Mare Championships.

The offspring of Uphill are doing extremely well. His sons Briljant and Carlton Hill are approved by the KWPN. Briljant placed 5th at the National Championships for 4 year old dressage horses and Carlton Hill was 2nd in his stallion test. Daughter Chi placed 3rd at the Dutch Mare Show in Ermelo. In the finals of the 2010 National Foal Championships two of his offspring were placed: First Class was 4th and Florence-St was 7th. During the Dutch Mare show in 2008 for 3 year olds, the Uphill daughter Amber was the Reserve-Champion and Adina placed 4th. Aston Martin placed 2nd in the VSN trophee.

Uphill offspring have also achieved high scores in the IBOP: Agaath received 84 points in Tolbert and Amber received the highest score of the day in Luttenberg with 83.5 points.

In 2011, The Van Norel bred mare Curonia broke all records at her studbook inspection in Holland. The Uphill daughter scored 95 for conformation and 95 points for movement. Scores never attained by any other mare at a studbook inspection.


Godiva’s dam Odette N is an imported Elite, Preferent, D-OC mare by the Keur KWPN dressage stallion Houston. Odette was awarded Ster in Holland and attended the central merriekeuring in Groningen where she finished 3rd in her large class.

In 2003, Odette successfully completed the Dressage IBOP at the Iron Spring Farm Keuring in the USA to receive the Keur predicate. Odette’s high IBOP score earned her a respectable #8 placing in the KWPN-NA prestigious Top-Ten list.

Odette is a stunning mare with outstanding gaits, she is a powerhouse and her extremely supple uphill movements are complemented by the fantastic articulation of her hind legs. Odette passes her amazing movement on to her foals who all seem to have her talent for dressage.

This mareline has produced multiple top sport and breeding horses. Odette’s offspring have won their keurings and many have been Champion Young Dressage Horses of their Keurings.

For three consecutive years, Odette’s sensational offspring by KWPN dressage star Glock’s Johnson TN Keur [Jazz x Flemmingh x Sultan], Draganette P, Elcho P and Farhenheit P have shared success receiving First Premium and the special ribbon for Champion Young Dressage Horse at their Keurings in 2008, 2009 and 2010!

Hocus Pocus P v. Uphill won his keuring as a foal then in 2013 as a yearling he was First Premium and on the prestigious KWPN-NA TOP FIVE list for Dressage Yearlings. In 2015, Kolette P v. Uphill was Champion Young Dressage Horse at her Keuring and was the TOP Dressage foal in Canada with the KWPN. In 2016, Lumenette D-OC v. Totilas won her Keuring class and was First Premium Top-Ten List as a yearling and a year later as 2-year old. In 2018, Navajo v. Apache was First Premium Dressage Foal.

To date Odette has produced: 1 Keur mare Zolette P v. Prestige, 2 Elite mares Draganette P v. Johnson and Godiva P v. Uphill and 1 Ster gelding Elcho P v. Uphill.

In 2011, as a three year old, Draganette P Elite, D-OC won the most prestigious sport horse bred award in Canada, The Governor Generals Cup.

Odette’s sire Houston is a famous son of Belisar. His dam, Ciola, is half of a living twin and is now Preferent. Ciola’s sire, Pion, is one of the most important pillars of breeding of Dutch dressage horses.

At his performance test Houston was noticed straight away for his excellent basic gaits, a feature that lies anchored in his pedigree.
Houston was convincing as a dressage horse during his performance test in Ermelo, the jury described him as a friendly stallion with a lot of presence, possessing roomy, rhythmic and harmonious basic gaits. His scores at his performance were: walk 8, trot 8.5, canter 8, rideability 8.5, jumping under saddle 6, free jumping 5, character 8, stable manners 9, trainability 8. He gives the rider a good feeling when sitting on him. He has excellent presence, and jumps with little effort.

Seth Boschman and Annemieke Vincourt-Krom showed Houston successfully on the light tour. Houston has a positive influence on model and movement. With his high index scores, he passes on to his offspring his fantastic way of moving with a superb use of the hind quarters.

Without doubt Houston belongs to the better progenitors of dressage horses in the KWPN stud book and as proof of this, in early 2006 Houston was awarded the predicate of Keur by the KWPN.

His offspring have beautiful heads, are nice types, and have very good movements in their hind quarters.

In 2002, Houston furnished two appointed stallions in the KWPN stallion selection in Den Bosch. Symphony [Houston x Columbus] was the champion of the stallion performance testing in 2002, impressing with his beauty, charisma and excellent movement, and was highly praised by both the public and the judges. Sergio (Sam-Sam) [Houston x Zandigo], provided a classic example of how a dressage horse must move, and became one of the top-priced horses of the Select Sale. In 2005, Houston again had a topper! Vincent [Houston – Jazz] was a real eye catcher in Ermelo. Not only was he approved in November 2005 (under the name Valdez) but also he was champion of the selected stallions.

The mare offspring of Houston are also performing very well. Naomie [Houston x Zevenster] made her mark with Valeron (by Sandro Hit) who was the runner-up of the 2005 stallion selection. Valeron was the topper of the KWPN Select Sale and moved to the stables of Zegwaard for EUR 150,000.00 and was approved by the KWPN in the 2005 Autumn tests.

Godiva’s grand-dam, Zilvernette, is a Keur, Prestatie KWPN mare by the prolific Preferent stallion G. Ramiro Z who is without question one of the most influential jumper and dressage sires in the world. G. Ramiro Z was Champion of his stallion test in 1969, was awarded the title of Horse of the Year in 1992 and has through the success of this offspring earned the tag of Euro-Stallion. He sired the approved sons: Almiro, Bernstein, Dageraad, Damiro, Elmero, and Zeoliet. One of his most famous offspring is the superstar show jumper Ratina Z who won both gold and silver medals at the Barcelona Olympics as well as the Volvo world cup and many grand prix’s. Ramiro is also the sire of the 2004 Athens Olympic Medalist Royal Kaliber, and is grandsire to Athens Olympics super stars Montender and Butterfly Flip. Besides these names, there are hundreds more offspring competing and winning all over the world.

Godiva’s great grand-dam, Nicolette, is by the legendary Preferent stallion Marco Polo. The German Trakhener stallion Marco Polo, was brought to Holland in 1964 as an upgrade sire. While not popular at first, it was soon apparent that Marco Polo’s progeny had hereditary jump. The first horse to really announce the arrival of a new jumping sire was the mare, Elzette, who teamed with a 15 year old Franke Sloothaak became Royal Dutch Federation Champion in 1973. The following year, Franke rode Marco Polo to become Champion of the Young Riders. Other successful offspring were: Jonker Arno (Henk Nooren), Polo Boy (Katie Monahan), Vivaldi (Melanie Smith), Pybalia (Phillippe Guerdat’s Olympic mount in 1984 as well as in Seoul), and Marius (Caroline Bradley’s Birmingham Grand Prix winner and 1977 British Show jumper of the Year). Marius went on to sire Milton, perhaps the most famous show jumper in history. Marco Polo was also successful as a broodmare sire; one of his daughters was bred to Voltaire to produce Concorde, and both Hap Hansen’s Dalfsen and Debbie Schaffner’s Den Ham were from Marco Polo daughters.

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