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[Purioso - Roemer]
16.1 h / 1.66 m
Liver Chestnut
Large blaze and two full hind socks
Date of Birth:
March 6, 1991 to April 2003
KWPN Predicate:

Tribute to a Dear Sweet Friend

On a cold ominous day in early April 2003, Jabatsa was rushed to the University of Guelph large animal hospital suffering from a severe colic. She was immediately taken into the operating room where for hours the veterinarian staff worked trying to save her life as well as the life of her soon to be born Farrington foal. The surgery was long and complicated, there were many ups and downs but as a true testament to her bravery Jabatsa survived the surgery, she defied the odds to the amazement of the veterinarians who worked so tirelessly to save her. Perhaps in large part because the surgery was so long, Jabatsa had a very difficult time in the recovery room, she defied the odds yet again and managed to find the strength to stand when some had given up all hope she would. Sadly, we lost Jabatsa and her precious foal the following day. It is a day that is etched in my mind all these years later and one I will never forget.

Jabatsa was purchased from VDL Stud in Holland and imported to our farm in 2001. We would like to thank Wiebe van de Lageweg from VDL Stud for finding us such an amazing horse. I still remember the call I received from Holland, my partner had spent several long days looking at a number of fantastic horses and came across Jabatsa while visiting a top jumper breeder, she caught his eye immediately. He could not stop thinking about her and went back several times to see her go under saddle and in hand. I can still recall his words as if it was yesterday, “I found the most amazing horse, she is chestnut with a lot of white…and a funny colour at that due to her full body clip…she is a great sport horse with golden bloodlines and we just have to buy her.” Jabatsa stood out in his mind above all the other horses he looked at during that trip to Holland. When we purchased Jabatsa she was enjoying a successful sport career showing in the 1.3 m jumpers and had previously shown in dressage. Jabatsa was a Keur mare and her proven versatile sports career combined with her golden bloodlines were the perfect match for our breeding program. Jabatsa was one of very few direct Purioso offspring in North America, she was imported in foal to Flemmingh.

For what ever reason some horses touch you in way others are not able to and Jabatsa was one of those horses. Not a day goes by that we do not think of Jabatsa especially when walking by the stall that she once called home. Jabatsa touched the lives of all who knew her from her breeder in Holland, the riders who had the privilege of working with her to the staff at our farm, she left a lasting impression.

Thank you Jabatsa for coming into our lives even though the time we shared was much too short, we feel honored to have known you. Jabatsa does live on in her offspring, for each time we look into the eyes of her last foal, Uropa, we can see Jabatsa’s beautiful face looking back at us.

Furioso II

Furioso xx
Dame De Ranville
Alice V. Buer

Ster Preferent Prestatie
Cronella H
Keur Preferent

Jabatsa’s EPTM Mare Test 5 Weeks November 1994 at Drachten Results:

Trot :
Free Jumping:
Jumping with under saddle with a rider:
Riding Type:
Training Report:
Stall Behavior:
Jumping Index:
Dressage Index:


2003 in foal to Farrington at the time of her tragic death

Year Born:
2001 Dark bay mare
Uropa P
[Flemmingh - Purioso]

Imported in-utero, part of our breeding program.
Year Born:
2000 Chestnut mare
[Olympic Ahorn - Purioso]

Born in Holland and sold to Italy as a weanling, Tabatsa’s current owners are Klaas De Coster & Yff Van Den Driessche located in Belgium. Successfully competing at 1.20 m with Klaas De Coster of MAX Stables

1997 to 2000 Show Career competing in both dressage and jumping in Holland.

Year Born:
1996 Liver chestnut stallion
[Nimmerdor - Purioso]

Successful jumper in Europe.
Lineage & Progeny:
Jabatsa sire is the legendary KWPN Keur Stallion Purioso. Purioso is by the famous sire Furioso II who sired more than 200 State premium mares and 69 approved sons. Purioso was successful at this stallion testing scoring: 8 for free jumping and 9 for jumping under saddle. He has 5 sons approved with the KWPN: Bently, Cantor, Olympic Cocktail, Faldo and Prince Paradiso R. Purioso’s offspring are well know for their fantastic gaits and jumping ability, he is without question an absolute all rounder and the founder of specialized show jumping and dressage pedigree lines.

The most well-known offspring of Purioso in sport are the three Olympic horses he sired: Olympic Wedela, Olympic Ambush and Olympic Cocktail. Wendela and Cocktail are two very different horses in different disciplines, one at the highest level of Jumping the other of Dressage. A very young Jennie Zoer trained the grey mare Wendela [m. Sorhaya by Nimmerdor - El Gaucho xx] herself and became relatively very fast a member of the Dutch team. Highlights of their career were the 10th place at the individual class of the Winter Equestrian Games in Stockholm. Also Balderdash, Curioso, Deeply Impressed, Chanel, Krielens Consult, Harald II, Kijoy for Ever and Zero jumped at the highest levels.

Purioso’s sire Furioso II, who many consider one of the founders of the modern European sport horse breeding and to this day all these years later is still influencing many studbooks in Europe with his sons, grandsons and great-grandsons. You can off course think of Voltaire and Concorde in Holland and Fidelio and son Florestan 1 in Germany. Furioso II [v Furioso xx, damsire Talisman SF] became the symbol of the modern Oldenburg sport horse breeding. Furioso II descends, just as Alinda’s sire Martell from a Thoroughbred [Trebonius xx], Furioso II’s origin is French and Martell’s is Holsteiner. Furioso II produced 200 state premium mares and no less than 68 approved sons, many of them are rendering their services on other continents. Furioso II has certainly influenced breeding on a world wide scale. His full brother is the French stallion Mexico, who’s son Le Mexico became famous in Holland as a real jumping horse producer.

Mare Line
Jabatsa’s dam, Abatsa, is a Ster ‘Preferent, Prestatie’ KWPN mare by the prolific ‘Preferent’ KWPN stallion Roemer. Roemer had an illustrious career as a competitor and sire until his death in 1996. During his long sports career he competed as both an International Grand Prix Jumper and in Grand Prix Dressage arena. He is the sire of: 4 Approved sons, 1 Licensed son, 4 Preferent mares, 111 Star mares, 27 Keur mares, 211 Studbook mares and 75 First Premium foals.

In 1988, Roemer was awarded the predicate of Keur based on quality of offspring. In 1990, he received the predicate of ‘Preferent’ thereby establishing him the first stallion in North American to be awarded this prestigious title and he was the 1st place stallion on the sport index of Dressage horses in Holland.

Abatsa became Ster in 1985 as a three year old, ‘Preferent’ in 2001 and the much coveted ‘Prestatie’ in 2003 due to the successful sports careers of her offspring. At 24, Abatsa is still alive, living with her original breeder and in foal to Perfectum, a young son of Pronto, for 2006. Abatsa had 4 foals from Purioso (Jabatsa, Kabatsa, Labatsa and Mabatsa), 2 foals from Caritas (Obatsa and Pabatsa), 1 foal from Caesario (Tabatsa), 2 foals from Pronto (Ubatsa and Vabatsa) and 1 foal from Garanco (Zabatsa).

Jabatsa’s full blood sister, Labatsa, is a Keur mare who as a three year old was one of the TOP TEN mares in Holland and in 1998 she competed in the prestigious PAVO Cup for Dressage.

Jabatsa’s Gallery

Jabatsa’s Offspring Gallery

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