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[Ferro - Double Leader xx]
17.0 h / 1.71 m
Dark Bay
Star and connecting large snip
Date of Birth:
February 20, 1998
KWPN Predicate:

2012 Plans:

Due Date:

Purchased in-utero and raised on our farm, Rumpole Prima was ranked #5 in the nation on the prestigious KWPN-NA TOP-TEN list for her high conformation score during the 2002 KWPN-NA Keuring Tour where she was used as example of perfect modern conformation by the KWPN jury.

Rumpole is a proven producer of exceptional foals with stellar personalities and flawless conformation. She stamps each of her foals with her wonderful mind, extreme beauty and great willingness to work.

Sensational KWPN-NA Keuring Results
During the 2002 KWPN-NA Keuring Tour Rumpole’s weanling colt Voltage P [Consul - Olympic Ferro] was awarded First Premium and High Score Young Horse to win his large foal class. In 2004, Voltage finished in the USEF TOP-TEN hunter breeding and was ranked #2 in his region.

In 2007, Rumpole’s two-year old Olympic Ahorn mare, Ahmé P, received First Premium at the Pennock Point Sport Horses Keuring in Florida to finish #5 on the very prestigious KWPN-NA TOP-FIVES list.

Presented to the KWPN jury for the very first time as a three year old in 2009, our amazing Beyond P [Olympic Ahorn - Olympic Ferro] received Keur after a successful IBOP test making her the first ‘Jumper Direction’ mare in North America to earn her Keur predicate at the very young age of three.

Beyond finished 2009 with an impressive three top spots on the KWPN-NA TOP-FIVES list; North American Champion ISF Cup For 3-Year Old Jumpers, North American Champion Jumper IBOP and North American Reserve Champion Jumper Mare.

Beyond’s full sibling Ahmé P once again made the TOP-FIVES list in 2009 finishing #4 in the nation after a solid performance in the ISF Cup For 4-Year Old Jumpers class. In addition, Rumpole’s stunning 2009 Chin Chin foal, Elle Chin P [Chin Chin - Olympic Ferro] received First Premium Jumper Foal.
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Rumpole Prima
Olympic Ferro
Keur Preferent
Le Mexico
Keur Preferent
Ster Preferent Prestatie
Keur Preferent
Keur Preferent
Double Leader xx

Mr. Leader xx

Double Tollgate xx

Tight Fight xx

Redeem xx

Close Battle xx


Due Date:
2011 Dark Bay colt
[Balou du Rouet - Olympic Ferro]

FOR SALE Guru du Rouet P was born to jump with his powerful expressive gaits, modern exterior and top pedigree... MORE »
Year Born:
2009 Chestnut mare
[Chin Chin - Olympic Ferro]

SOLD! in-utero. First Premium Jumper Foal, Elle Chin P, is a modern elegant type with a killer pedigree... MORE »
Year Born:
2006 Red Bay mare
[Olympic Ahorn - Olympic Ferro]

Retained by Prima Equestrian, Beyond P Keur is the 2009 KWPN-NA Champion 3-Year Old Jumper Iron Spring Farm Cup, Reserve Champion North American Jumper Mare & Champion Jumper IBOP... MORE »
Year Born:
2005 Dark Bay mare
Ahmé P
[Olympic Ahorn - Olympic Ferro]

SOLD! in-utero. In 2007, Ahme P was First Premium and KWPN-NA Top-Fives List two-year old Jumper. In 2009, Ahme made the KWPN-NA Top-Fives List Iron Spring Cup four-year old Jumpers.
Year Born:
2003 Bay mare
Wink P
[Wellington - Olympic Ferro]

SOLD! at 3 months, Congratulations to Glenhadden Farm, Ont.
Year Born:
2002 Bay gelding
Voltage P
[Consul - Olympic Ferro]

SOLD! at 2 months, Congratulations to Dr. Houghes, FL.
Lineage & Progeny:
Rumpole’s sire the prolific ‘Preferent’ KWPN stallion Olympic Ferro, competed at the 2000 Olympics and assisted his team in achieving a team silver medal, with an individual score of 74.92%. In 2002 Olympic Ferro once again had the highest scores on the Dutch Olympic team. Ferro is renowned for consistently achieving high scores for piaffe and passage.

As a three year old Ferro was champion of his performance test at Ermelo. He achieved 1st out of 30 with a final score of 84 and the outstanding results of: 6.5 walk, 8.5 trot, 8.5 canter, 8.0 for riding type, 8.5 jumping with rider, 8.5 free jumping, 8.5 cross country jumping, 9.0 for character, 9.0 for stall behavior and 9.0 for training report.

Ferro’s sire Ulft, is a son of the great Le Mexico, who is listed 10th on the jumping index with 142 points. Le Mexico carries Furioso xx blood, which brings value to any pedigree. Ferro's dam, Brenda, is a daughter of the Holsteiner, Farn, who is listed sixth on the jumping index with 146 points. Farn's son Nimmerdor, is listed second on the jumping index with 155 points.

In 2000, Olympic Ferro sired the champion of the three year old stallions at the KWPN stallion selections in Den Bosch. The following year in Den Bosch, Ferro produced nine young stallions selected for the second round, two finished in the top ten, one of which achieved the highest price at the select sale and the other was reserve champion at the stallion show. The champion three year old mare at Ermelo in 2000 was an Olympic Ferro daughter. In 1998 Ferro was crowned KWPN Horse of the Year, he achieved the title of Keur in 2000 and was awarded the highly coveted ‘Preferent’ in 2003 at the age of 16. Ferro currently has eleven approved stallions with the KWPN and many other approved stallions outside the Netherlands.

In addition to their dressage excellence, Olympic Ferro's offspring also make exceptional jumpers. During his competitive career Olympic Ferro, was consistently in the #1 spot on the BCM World Stallion Rankings for dressage. Ferro is affectionately known as the “Black Pearl” of the Netherlands, the KWPN are justifiably extremely proud of this fabulous stallion. He can be relied upon to produce beautiful, talented offspring of the highest quality, with fantastic top-lines, elegance and presence. There is little question that Olympic Ferro will continue leaving his mark in the history of the KWPN long after his untimely death in 2005.

Mare Line
Rumpole’s Dam Justanotherdottie “Dottie”, a jockey club registered TB, was approved by the KWPN for breeding and has produced many successful sport horses in both the dressage and jumper rings. Dottie stood at the prestigious Iron Spring Farm in PA for many years and was part of the Iron Spring Farm world famous breeding program until she was sold and imported to Canada. Whilst in Canada, she was bred to Olympic Ferro and Prima Equestrian purchased the result of this combination, Rumpole, in-utero. Dottie only had one foal in Canada as just shortly after the birth of Rumpole she was sold back to the USA where she remains today producing fantastic sport horses. Dottie brings to Rumpole’s pedigree proven TB blood which is much sought after and desired in today’s modern KWPN horse.

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