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Zabina P
[Cabochon - Flemmingh]
17.2 h / 1.77 m
Large star
Date of Birth:
June 6, 2004
KWPN Predicate:

2010 Plans:
In Foal to Prestige
Due Date:
May 2, 2010

Zabina was imported in-utero and is the product of a very successful mare line in Holland. Ultra modern in type, Zabina is a tall long legged mare with an athletic uphill build. She moves with an excellent leg-technique displaying much power from behind and elevation with animation in the front.

To the best of our knowledge Zabina is the only Cabochon mare in Canada and one of Cabochon’s last foals due to his unexpected and untimely death just a few months before she was born. Sadly Cabochon’s semen was never frozen. Her fantastic pedigree offers a unique blend of legendary stallions who appear time and time again in the top dressage horses of today and truly represents the best of the best; Cabochon, Flemmingh, Sultan and Nimmerdor.

Cabochon blood is much desired by dressage riders and trainers alike. We have been faithful fans of Cabochon for years and have wanted his blood in our breeding program. It is without question the super character that Cabochon seems to stamp all of his offspring with that over the years has left us with a lasting impression!

Zabina’s dam, Jeldina, is an imported Keur Sport (Dressage) KWPN mare. As a three year old Jeldina, was Champion of the Friesian central selection in Drachten and was referred to the UTV. Jeldina successfully competed on the ZZ level Dressage tour in Europe to earn her Sport (Dressage) predicate with the KWPN.

In 2008, Zabina was in full time training with Canadian Dressage Team Member and Pan-Am Silver Medallist, Diane Creech. Piloted and trained by Diane, Zabina successful completed the IBOP mare test with marks of 8.0 for trot and 8.5 for canter, she was crowned Champion of the DG Bar Cup for four-year olds. The KWPN jury commented on her modern exterior and desirable type awarding her with the much sought after Keur predicate.

We are thrilled to announce that Zabina is expecting her first foal in 2010 by the powerful KWPN dressage stallion Prestige, this foal is a dressage star in the making!
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Zabina P
Keur Preferent Prestatie
Kroon Preferent
Kroon Preferent
Keur Sport (Dressage)
Keur Preferent
Keur Preferent Prestatie

Due Date:
May 4, 2010
Flex P
[Prestige - Cabochon]

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Lineage & Progeny:
Zabina’s sire is the ‘Keur’ KWPN stallion Cabochon. A much loved ambassador of the Pretendenthoeve and Van Norel family, Cabochon died at the stable where he was born and lived for 20 years on Tuesday, May 4th, 2004. Well known as a dressage sire Cabochon has been at the top of the list for dressage breeding values with an index of 177, reliability 85%.

As a three year old, Cabochon was lauded as the "stallion with the best trot" at the stallion show in Utrecht. In 2000, Cabochon was awarded the ‘Keur’ predicate by the KWPN thanks to his exceptional heritability qualities.

Cabochon’s sire Vincent was Dutch Champion Grand Prix Dressage with Annemarie Sanders-Keizer in 1989. Gonnnie, the dam of Cabochon, was also the dam of the world famous Grand Prix stallion Vanitas.

Many offspring of Cabochon are highly qualified in the sport of dressage for example; o.c. Luzelma, Moszkowicz, Jabbazelma, Jashmir, Hurricane and No Excuse.

Mare Line
Zabina’s dam Jeldina is an imported Keur Sport (Dressage) KWPN mare. As a three year old Jeldina, was champion of the Friesian central selection in Drachten and was referred to the UTV. Jeldina successfully competed on the ZZ level Dressage tour in Europe to earn her Sport (Dressage) predicate with the KWPN.

To date, Jeldina has produced the following foals: Oklahoma Keur Sport (Jumping) KWPN mare by [Wagennar], Pompidou KWPN gelding by [Wellington], Raldina G KWPN mare by [Laroche], Seldina KWPN stallion by [Laroche] and Zabina P KWPN mare by [Cabochon]. In 2001, Jeldina’s eldest daughter, Oklahoma [Wagenaar - Flemmingh] competed in the 5 year old IAN Trophy jumping finals. Due to her successful sports career, Oklahoma was awarded the predicate Keur Sport (Jumping) by the KWPN.

Jeldina’s sire the ‘Preferent’ KWPN stallion, Flemmingh, scored 9 out of a possible 10 for three sections of his performance test which include: paces, trainability and jumping under saddle. He is an internationally appreciated stallion, regarded as an outstanding improver of action and passing on good conformation to his progeny. Flemmingh is considered by many to be the greatest producer of dressage horses in the world. In 2006, Flemmingh held the #9 spot in the WBFSH Dressage Sires top 10 list. In early 2007, Flemmingh was honored as the #1 Dressage Sire with the USEF.

Zabina P is a product of one of the leading KWPN mare lines- Relanse
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Family Van Straaten has been breeding with the successful Relanse-lineage since their purchase of the Sultan-daughter Eldina. Like the international jumper Rendijk (Renville) under Markus Fuchs and the national 1.40m jumper Funny Face (Landetto) under miss De Koning. Eldina is also a product of the mare Wildina [Nimmerdor - Relanse - Mannerheim]. Wildina's full sister, Zeldina, is dam of the international jumper Dublin (Ulft) under Ulrich Kirchhoff. Also the national jumpers Invita and Juventa are direct descendants of foundation dam Relanse.

Out of Eldina Family Van Straaten bred successively the mares Isabelle (Voltaire) and Jeldina (Flemmingh). Isabelle produced the Larno-son Astro Rey and the Silvio II-daughter Nikita-S before starting her own impressive career in the international jumping sport. Under Indra Rosendi Isabelle twice won the Jakarta Grand Prix.

In 2001 before mentioned Astro Rey [Larno - Isabelle] won the World Championship for 7-yr-olds in Monterrey under John Perez. The Larno son was also winner of the small grand prix of Monterrey in 2003 with the same rider. Eldina's second daughter Jeldina was champion of the Friesian central selection in Drachten and was referred to the UTV. Later Jeldina was started in dressage up to ZZ-light under Monique Peuts and was exported to Canada by Prima Equestrian to pursue her dressage and breeding career.

Family Van Straaten continues this line with the mares Nikita-S [Silvio II - Isabelle], Relanse-S [Flemmingh - Eldina] who is a full blood sister to Jeldina and Vacance-S [Osmium - Flemmingh]. Frieda van Straaten is currently riding Relanse-S at Z level dressage.

Zabina’s grand-dam, Eldina, is a Keur ‘Preferent, Prestatie’ mare by the Keur KWPN stallion Sultan. Sultan comes from the famous ‘Reina’ line, also called Burga-stam which is the renowned mare line from breeder Wim van Arkel [Dutch mareline 8 of breeding family 6o]. Famous horses from this mother line are: Darkdream, Sultan, Kallisto, Mendel, Charmeur and Waldo.


Sultan gives both dressage and show jumping qualities to his children. He has several approved sons such as: the KWPN stallion Bustron [Sultan - Eros], NAWPN stallion Charmeur [Sultan - Ronco xx] and the NRPS stallion Sultano [Sultan - Roemer]. Sultan’s famous show jumping son, It’s Otto [Sultan - Farn], competed at the highest levels of the sport and his daughter Jaguar [Sultan - Doruto] was an international dressage horse.

Zabina’s great grand-dam, Wildina, was a Ster mare by the prolific ‘Preferent’ KWPN stallion Nimmerdor. At his stallion testing Nimmerdor distinguished himself by his great jumping abilities. He went on the have a successful career in show jumping with Albert Voorn competing in various World Cup competitions and had top showings at other international competitions such as: Berlin, Paris, Gothenburg, Dortmund and London. Nimmerdor was invited to the Los Angeles Olympic Games but his owner, VDL Stud, opted to keep him home for what would later prove to be his legendary breeding career. Nimmerdor held to top position in the Dutch jumping index for many years with the highest degree of reliability. In 2000, Nimmerdor was awarded the prestigious titles "Stallion of the Year" as well as "Stallion of the Century".

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