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Navajo P [Apache x Odette N Elite, Pref., D-OC (Houston x G. Ramiro Z x Marco Polo)] is an interestingly bred KWPN colt with phenomenal movement and an ultra modern type. First Premium at his Keuring with excellent comments from the jury, he moves with superb use of his body, has a lot of power and a superior technique of the legs.

Navajo is WFFS N/N and has all the attributes to be considered a stallion prospect. He is one of very few Apache offspring in North America.


Apache is becoming a top progenitor very fast while he also performs well under Emmelie Scholtens in the Grand Prix ring. Scoring over 75% in the Grand Prix and over 80% in the Freestyle with Emmelie Scholtens, super athlete Apache is also successful in breeding. The KWPN have approved five sons already. Indian Rock (formerly Igor) was the runaway winner of the 2016 KWPN licensing. Emmelie Scholtens qualified for the FEI WBFSH World Breeding Championships for Young Horses in 2018 with the Apache sons Indian Rock and Hero.

Apache is one of the best examples of modern KWPN breeding, known for his super movement, powerful hind leg and extreme suppleness though his body. He produces super foals of a lovely modern stamp who can really move.

Judges consistently awarded Apache a 10 for his trot and use of his hind leg, and he consistently passes on this electric movement to his offspring.


Navajo’s dam Odette N is a highly decorated imported KWPN mare Elite, Preferent, D-OC. This mareline has produced multiple top sport and breeding horses.

Odette is a stunning mare with outstanding gaits, she is a powerhouse and her extremely supple uphill movements are complemented by the fantastic use of her hind legs. Odette passes her amazing movement on to her foals who all have her talent for dressage. Odette’s offspring have won their keurings and many have been Champion Young Dressage Horses of their Keurings.

For three consecutive years, Odette’s sensational offspring by KWPN dressage star Glock’s Johnson TN Keur [Jazz x Flemmingh x Sultan], Draganette P, Elcho P and Farhenheit P have shared success receiving First Premium and the special ribbon for Champion Young Dressage Horse at their Keurings in 2008, 2009 and 2010!

To date Odette has produced: 1 Keur mare Zolette P v. Prestige, 2 Elite mares Draganette P v. Johnson and Godiva P v. Uphill and 1 Ster gelding Elcho P v. Uphill.

In 2011, as a three year old, Draganette P Elite, D-OC won the most prestigious sport horse bred award in Canada, The Governor Generals Cup.

Hocus Pocus P v. Uphill won his keuring as a foal then in 2013 as a yearling he was 1st Premium and on the prestigious KWPN-NA Top-Five list for Dressage Yearlings. In 2015, Kolette P v. Uphill was Champion Young Dressage Horse at her Keuring and was the TOP Dressage foal in
Canada with the KWPN. In 2016, Lumenette D-OC v. Totilas won her Keuring class and was First Premium Top-Ten List as a yearling and a year later as 2-year old. In 2018, Navajo v. Apache was First Premium Dressage Foal.

Odette’s sire Houston was awarded Keur by the KWPN. He is a famous son of Belisar. Houston was convincing as a dressage horse during his test, he received the following marks; 8 for walk, 8.5 for trot and 8 for canter.

Houston has a positive influence on model and movement. With his high index scores, he passes on to his offspring his fantastic way of moving with a superb use of the hind quarters. Without doubt Houston belongs to the better progenitors of dressage horses in the KWPN stud book.


Name: Navajo P
Year of Birth: 2018
Bloodlines: Apache – Houston – G. Ramiro Z
Studbook: KWPN main foal book
Predicate: WFFS N/N
Sex: Colt
Colour: Chestnut
Markings: Large irregular star, two tall stockings and one front sock.
Height: Mature to 16.3 h
Discipline: Dressage FEI Potential
Price: $ Call 
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Navajo P Apache
UB40 Keur Olivi Keur
Charmante Kilucienne Keur, Sport, Pref., Prest.
Tolanda Elite, Pref.. Krack C .
Olanda Ster, Pref.
Odette N Elite, Pref., D-OC
Houston Keur Belisar
Ciola Pref.
Zilvernette Keur, Prest. G. Ramiro Z Pref.

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