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Prima Equestrian is pleased to partner with VDL Stud in Holland to offer frozen semen from their tremendous stallions for your consideration. We are the largest equine frozen semen broker in Canada and distribute directly thereby offering breeders a wide selection over 50 stallions to select from at the lowest possible price!

For detailed information on available ordering options, payment methods and our guarantee please visit the ORDER section of our site. We carry a substantial inventory of all the stallions we offer and are usually able to offer same day or next day shipping.

New in 2015, all VDL Stallions are sold with a LFG Contract with up to 4 doses shipped total with 2 doses shipped each time. In addition, a Dose Contract price option is also available at 70% of the stud fee with an option to convert the Dose Contract to a LFG Contract. VDL frozen semen remains the property of VDL Stud, all used straws and unused frozen semen must be returned.

Please click one the stallions for more information...

Arezzo VDL

[Chin Chin - Heartbreaker]
Baltic VDL
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[Quaprice Z - Jus de Pomme]
Boss VDL
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[Indoctro - Nimmerdor]
Brantzau VDL

[Baloubet du Rouet - Carthago - Coriander]
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[Indorado - Guidam - Notaris]
Bubalu Elite

[Baloubet du Rouet - Nimmerdor]
Carlton Hill

[Uphill - Vincent]
Carosso VDL

[Cassini - Linaro]
Carrera VDL

[Cardento - Baloubet du Rouet]
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[Chin Chin - Acobat II]

[Cornet Obolensky - Stakkato - Contender - Graf Grannus]
Corland Keur
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[Cor de la Bryére - Landgraf I]

[Cardento - Grosso Z – Goldfasen
Crespo VDL

[Canturo - Candillo]
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[Come II Faut - Carthago Z - Caretino - Constant]
Dakar VDL

Dallas VDL

[Douglas-Heartbreaker - Mr. Blue]
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[Darco - Capitol I]]
Durango VDL

[Zirocco Blue-Lux - Lucky Boy xx]
Emilion Keur
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[Wellington - Farnese]
Etoulon VDL

[Toulon - Calvados - Le Mexico]
Everglade VDL

[Kashmir - Indoctro - Nabuur]
Falaise de Muze

[Wandor van de Mispelaere - Nabab de Reve - Chin Chin]
Freeman VDL

[Emmerton - Chin Chin - Ahorn]
French Buffet xx
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[Settlement Day xx - Prologo xx]
Gaultier VDL

[Baloubet du Rouet-Quidam de Revel]
Glasgow van het Merelnest

[Nabab de Reve - Darco]

[Baloubet du Rouet - Corado Z]]
Good Fellow

[Baloubet du Rouet - Jalisco B]
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[Nimmerdor - Caletto I]
Grand Slam VDL

[Cardento - Heartbreaker]

[Arezzo VDL - Indoctro – Nimmerdor]
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[Heartbreaker - Carthago]

[De Niro - Jazz – Ulft]

[x - x – x]
Impressive VDL
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[Douglas - Contender - Corofino - Lord]
Inaico VDL
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[Indoctro - Baloubet du Rouet - Hercos - Oula Owl xx]
Indoctro Preferent
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[Capitol - Caletto II ]
Inshallah de Muze

[Nabab de Reve - For Pleasure – Darco]
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[Kannan - Indoctro - Lux - Kastello]

[Grandeur - Lucky Boy xx]
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[Indoctro - G. Ramiro Z]
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[Silvano N - Goodtimes]
Quasimodo v. de M.

[Heartbreaker - L. de D. - P. de B.]
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[Indoctro - Calypso II]
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[Champion du Lys - Carthago
Tinka's Boy

[Zuidpool - Zeus]
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[Oscar - Apollonios]
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[Indoctro - Nimmerdor]
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[Chin Chin - Ircolando]
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[Casall - Emilion]
Zirocco Blue

[Mr. Blue - Voltaire]

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